A Hot air balloon rides with videos ( Recommended )

A Hot air balloon rides with videos ( Recommended )

What is a hot air balloon?

A hot air balloon is a type of aircraft. When releasing heated air into the balloon, it lifts and moves. you know! The first hot air balloon was made by the Montgolfier brothers. On 19 September 1783. Today, we can see many types of air balloons with beautiful colors.

Hot air balloons festival.

It will be held every year.When you visit the festival, you have to get a ticket.

How to purchase Balloon Fiesta tickets?

If you like to ride a balloon, you can join Balloon Fiesta. and you have to purchase a ticket to ride a balloon. so, they have announced “ALL PARK & RIDE TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE ONLY. “

Hot air balloon cost (Ride) ?

Balloon ride costs based on the length of the ride.. A hot air balloon that carries two passengers usually costs around $500 – $700.

How to make a hot air balloon ?

You can watch it.

How to ride a hot air balloon ?

It will be Love on the first flight, therefore, you must start it with love. when you start the ride, you must pay attention to safety. then you must think about the Weather. it must be perfect. you must considerer your health. you must wear comfortable clothes.

Setup your balloon and get into the balloon bucket and you must think about your safety.

You Can Watch this vedio