How to say 'I lOVE YOU' in french and different Languages (Free love Tips)

How to say ‘I lOVE YOU’ in french and different Languages (Free love Tips)

How do I feel the love ?

No matter what country we come from, or what language we speak. everyone feels love. Love is one of the great universal things.

Love is said to be a gift. Love is not the surface but the deepest part of the heart. Love is just a feeling. Love is a word that we do not value until someone comes into our lives and explains its meaning. Love is gaining something lost. Love is a selfish feeling. Love is living together until death. Living for love is what I love. Love is just what we give, and if we hope to get it back, that love is not real love. True love is not just about owning someone, it is about wanting to see the person you love happy,

Love is like the ocean. . . Like the waves of the ocean. . . There is no limit. . . No size. . . Sometimes love is a pain. Love is one of the most wonderful emotions in the human psyche. An abnormal condition of the heart caused by a relationship between a man and a woman. Love is a beautiful book that cannot be read.

It is a joint venture between two parties that divides profits and losses equally. Love is something that depends on faith, where there is no love without faith. Love is a wonderful thing, we lose those who love us very quickly, so love is sadness, pain. Love is a mixture of feelings and experiences related to bonding and sexual attraction.

The name we use for sexual attraction is love .. Love is just a sexual attraction … Love that touches the heart is a gentle breeze Love is not something to be waited for, it is something to be sacrificed.

Being in love is an understanding of where ego is completely absent. That is the complete departure of the ego from my soul, my desire for progress, my greed, and so on. Love is triangular. It has three distinct and interrelated elements. Commitment is the sharing of life by faith and the innate affection for others. Sacrifice from these is born out of the hope that the relationship will last forever.

I Love You in French and different Languages

01. I Love You in French  —  Je t’aime

02. I Love You in German  —  Ich liebe dich

03. I Love You in Italian  —  Ti amo

04. I Love You in Japanese  —  愛してる (aishiteru)

05. I Love You in Korean  —  사랑한다 (saranghanda)

06. I Love You in Russian  —  Я люблю тебя (ya lyublyu tyebya)

07. I Love You in Hindi — Females say: मैं तुम से प्यार करती हूँ (Mãĩ tumse pyār kartī hū̃), Males say: मैं तुम से प्यार करता हूँ ( Mãĩ tumse pyār kartā hū̃ )

08. I Love You in Sinhala —  මම ඔයාට ආදරෙයි ( mama oyāṭa ādareyi )

09. I Love You in Arabic  —  Ana Bahebak (أنا بحبَك/ بحبِك)

10. I Love You in Tamil  — நான் உன்னைக் காதலிக்கிறேன். ( nAn unnai-k-kAdhalikkiREn )

11. I Love You in Mandarin ( Chinese ) —  我爱你 ( Wǒ ài nǐ )

Free love Tips

01. Number one – being a good listener.

We talk to a lot of people a day. But only a few people give importance to what we say. Even if you say something important or something that doesn’t matter, if he remembers your story later, he will be a good listener to you. It means that he prefers what you say. The first thing we can tell a man that he loves you is that he is a good listener to you.

02. Number Two – Tolerance.

A loving man can humbly admit his mistakes and tolerate the mistakes of the woman he loves. And men respect the ideas of the woman they love and are reluctant to accept them. We can say that your choice is more correct if the boyfriend you love is always asking for your opinions and respecting them.

03. Number three – Willingness to help with anything.

If you have a loving husband, repairing a broken tap, replacing a bulb that does not work, or cleaning the garden will not be a big problem. If your husband is willing to put his family first and share the work at home and in the garden, we can be sure that he is a loving husband who truly loves you.

04. Number four – Friendship with the family of the wife or girlfriend.

Usually, two families meet in a romantic relationship or in a marriage. We have to deal with different kinds of people there. If your boyfriend or wife is very friendly and responsible in such situations, it means that he is definitely thinking about your dignity. It is also a characteristic of a loving husband to treat his wife and family with love and respect.

05. Number Five – Ask for your opinion on their personal choices.

While women are more concerned about their appearance, men are also more or less concerned about their appearance. And if your boyfriend or girlfriend asks you about your choice of clothes, shoes, or anything else, it means that you are in a special place in his or her life. That’s the fifth thing you can do to make sure your boyfriend or husband truly loves you. More about you

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