Part-time / Full-time Jobs for everyone. ( Online or your county )

Part-time / Full-time Jobs for everyone. ( Online or your county )

Most people are looking for doing jobs in an office or a Factory. When you have searched ” Factory jobs near me, amazon online jobs ” or “part-time/full-time jobs near me ” or anything else. you have entered the “” website. So, Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the site.

You may be Younger or Older. you may be live in the united states, the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, or somewhere. Do your own thing rather than do something for others. now, you leave this site as soon as you read this.

If you really want to do a job, keep reading

In China and Indian, some people are trying to do the jobs like hand jobs and sex therapy jobs for earning a lot of money. but, it is not legal in most counties and not suitable for society. doing sex jobs is not the way to earn money. remember! that thing is very special for the poor ladies. first, you must learn one thing that you can do for earning. like a little tea shop, a cake shop, a book shop, a food shop. If you haven’t already enough knowledge, you should go to the learning center where you can learn about jobs or businesses. to the best of my knowledge, if you can start a little tea shop, it is better than doing a job in an apparel / Garment factory.

Let’s see what we can do !

When you are living in a poor county, you are trying to go abroad to do a job with a good salary. the counties: Italy jobs, Saudi Arabia jobs, Australia jobs, that will you choose as the first counties to do a job.

Don’t worry about jobs, jobs are really near you. There are more jobs that you can do at home. other hands, we call those online jobs. I will list 10 online jobs that you can start at home and online businesses you can start a business at home with a little investment. so, work from home jobs really near you.

What are the online jobs and businesses ?

01. Fiverr

it is a freelancer site in which you can find 100 of categories jobs that you can do. You can Register it free. so, why do you late. you can visit and register to do a job and earn unlimited money. sometimes, you can earn 200 USD doing one thing.

Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses

02. Youtube

Youtube is an online video from that the no. 1 online video platform in the world. you can earn money to publish videos on youtube. visit and register. you can learn more about “how to earn money on youtube ” on youtube too

YouTube Community Guidelines & Policies - How YouTube Works

03. Online classes

You can earn money teaching online, if you have good English knowledge to teach someone, that is the best way to earn money.

04. Online shopping cart

You can start an online shopping cart like this click here. what is a shopping cart? normally, we can buy something that you want in the shop. but you have to go shopping and then you have to choose what you want, but when we use an online shopping cart, we don’t want to go out. we can buy everything at home using a laptop or mobile phone. Over time, in the future. Most people will get used to buying goods, you why do want to go factory jobs. if you can start an online shopping cart, it is like a work from home job.

05. Online Typing Jobs ( Data entry work from home jobs indeed  )

There are so many online typing jobs. I will show you a few of them. when you are searching on google typing ” online typing jobs ” you can see so many jobs on Google have been listed. but these three sites are the best sites in the world.

01. Typing Jobs | Upwork™ › freelance-jobs › typing

02. Copy Typing Jobs for May 2021 | Freelancer


06. Web site

start a website like this. you can earn a lot of money publishing articles on the web. while people are visiting your site, you can request Google Adsense or any other advertising sites. if a hundred thousand visits have visited your site, you can earn a minimum of 1000 USD per month, it’s maybe 1500 USD or 2000 USD.

07. Online learning CDs sell

it is a new idea that you want to start as a business. why do you want to work in a factory? just think! You can change your life with one thing.

08. Vehicle selling business

it is also a new idea that you want to start as a business! at one, You read this. ” What? do you think that I have a lot of money! if I have money. I don’t want to work in a factory! ” yes.. that right! I will show how do you start a Vehicle selling a business without investment. it’s simple! no need lot of Money! find a vehicle from your friends that are going to sell. make an ad and publish it on Facebook. or any other social media networks. If that friend wants to sell it 200USD you can sell it at 230 USD. see. you can add vehicles to your shop or showroom day by day.

09. A Tea or coffee Shop

you can start a Tea or coffee shop.

10.Vegetable shop

This is the most interesting business in your county. everyone wants to eat. so, they have to buy vegetable.