25+ Best SEO Keywords For Ranking your Website/Youtube (UPDATED)

25+ Best SEO Keywords For Ranking your Website/Youtube (UPDATED)

I know, you want to rank your website on google or you want to get more views to your Youtube Channel’s videos.

So, How to get traffic to your website? How to increase your video viewers?

Putting SEO Keywords to your website or youtube videos is the best way to rank your website or increase your Youtube videos’ viewers.

What are keywords?

Most people search on the internet same words or the most searched words section on the internet are the keywords.

A SEO keywords example

as an example, most people find pizza to eat. so, they find like “How to order online pizza?” “How to make pizza?” “How much is a pizza?” “Pizza near me” “pizza hut offers” now, pizza became the keyword.

How to find best keywords for SEO?

This is the best question that you are reading. I know, you can find so many keywords using SEO Tools. but, it is in vain. why? if I find “pizza” As a keyword, you will find it very easily. so, everyone will put the keyword to their website. or Youtube videos. so, how do you rank your website or Youtube video? think twice! therefore, you must find a keyword that nobody used most. in that case, you can rank your website or Video very easily.

BEST Keyword Research Tools for SEO | SEO keyword generator

To the best of my knowledge, Google keyword planner and Google trends are the best SEO keyword tools on the web. because Google is providing correct information. these are the best other popular keywords Research Tools/generator.

Keywords for SEO

I will provide the best keywords for SEO Your website or Youtube Videos. but I can not gerant these keywords will rank your website or videos. because everything is changing day by day. therefore, everything depends on the time.

These keywords have a high volume finder. try to use one or more next.

  • Lowes
  • Life insurance
  • Zoom
  • Finance
  • Health and fitness
  • cryptocurrency
  • Netflix
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Omegle
  • Speed test
  • Powerball
  • Online jobs
  • Android games
  • Fish tank
  • Delivery service
  • Youtube to mp3
  • Facebook video downloader
  • gym
  • get lose weight
  • Love SMS
  • Electric vehicles
  • Online Shopping caArt

How to Rank website on Google ?

When You write an article to your website you can follow these things. then, You get more traffic to your website.

How to get more viwes to Youtube Videos ?

When you publish videos on Youtube, you should add a description about video and also put a few tags to the video. attractive titles to your videos.

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